Sizing? Solved.

StrutFit helps you deliver quality sizing information to your customers online and in-store.

Complete Sizing Management.

StrutFit is computer vision and AI size recommendation platform for footwear and apparel retailers. StrutFit can help you manage and improve your sizing data to reduce returns and increase sales.

Foot Scanning

One scan, Right size

Once a customer has scanned their feet, they are able to get their exact size across any shoe on your website.

Don't leave your website

StrutFit sits on your website. There’s no app download required, so customers will never have to leave your website.

All Devices

All StrutFit needs is a photo. This means that customers are able to start the scanning process from any device while shopping on your website.

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Smart Size Charts


By using StrutFits size charts you gain access to our dynamic size charts that change based on style.

All your sizing In one place

Our platform allows you to manage all your sizing data from one place, simplifying your processes.

Fit tips

Fit tips indicate to customers how a shoe will fit relative to their usual size.

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Store assistant

Easy Compact Pads

StrutFits store assistant uses simple, compact pads for customers to scan on using their own smartphone, no expensive machines or staff help required.

Try the right shoe, first time

In-store sizing helps customers get their perfect size and saves sellers time.

One Scan Everywhere

If a customer has already scanned online or in-store with any retailer before, their sizing data will be available without even having to scan.

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Join StrutFit CEO Ang Nayyar with guests who are leading and innovating on the retail spectrum.

We'll discuss trends, learnings, and ideas, and really try figure out what the top performers in your field are doing.

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Customer Success Story

Andrew Kew
eCommerce Trading Director EMEA - UGG, HOKA and TEVA

Partnering in EMEA for UGG, HOKA, and TEVA with StrutFit has allowed us to deliver an innovative, consumer focused sizing solution.

Our consumers are loving having a dynamic and personalised sizing solution which we have seen in reviews and testimonials. 

From a commercial point of view, we have reduced our returns rates on sizing across all brands in EMEA since partnering with StrutFit.


Conversion Rate for StrutFit Users


Sales using StrutFit


Increase in average order value

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