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The Future of
Footwear Sizing

AI-powered technology to help deliver the perfect fit for your customers, every time.

Seamless footwear
sizing for customers

Tap the StrutFit button

The StrutFit button is seamlessly integrated into the product display page.

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No app is required, just click and go.

Get the perfect size

Automatic personalized sizing means StrutFit will now suggest sizes for products right on the product display page. Differences in styles within the same brand are accounted for.

case study

StrutFit ×

  • 34% conversion rate for customers who use StrutFit
  • 24% of sales using StrutFit
  • 6.7% increase insales due to StrutFit
Sheena Haji-Ghassemi
Digital Customer Experience Manager at Vivobarefoot
case study

StrutFit ×

  • 41.1% conversion rate for customers who use StrutFit
  • 11.0% Increase in AOV of StrutFit Users
  • 34.0% Reduction in return rate of StrutFit Users
Amelia Darby
Head of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing at Bobux International
case study

StrutFit ×

  • 28.9% conversion rate for customers who use StrutFit
  • 7% of sales using StrutFit
  • 14.2% increase in average order value
Paul Wright
Senior E-Commerce Director at Deckers Brands

StrutFit for Merchants

Revenue uplift due to StrutFit
Conversion rate for users after scanning with StrutFit
Reduction in return rate for customers who use StrutFit

What customers
say about using StrutFit

I liked how the recommended size changed depending on the shoe style. I was two different sizes in two styles of shoe and they both fit great!
Simply brilliant. This should be on every shoe shops website.
Easy and simply amazing!! Having a wider foot makes it difficult to size as some brands run narrow! Thank you!!

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