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Sizing? Solved.

StrutFit can help you determine fit and deliver it to your customers in stores, mobile apps, and websites.

“Partnering in EMEA for UGG, HOKA, and TEVA with StrutFit has allowed us to deliver an innovative, consumer focused sizing solution.

Our consumers are loving having a dynamic and personalised sizing solution which we have seen in reviews and testimonials. 

From a commercial point of view, we have reduced our returns rates on sizing across all brands in EMEA since partnering with StrutFit.”

Andrew Kew
eCommerce Trading Director EMEA - UGG, HOKA and TEVA

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Foot Scanning

Take the guesswork out of shopping for shoes online.
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Smart Size Charts

Deliver up to date size charts for each product.
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case study

StrutFit ×

  • 28% Conversion rate of StrutFit Users
  • 14.1% of sales using StrutFit
  • 9.1% Increase in average order value
Sheena Haji-Ghassemi
Digital Customer Experience Manager at Vivobarefoot
case study

StrutFit ×

  • 41.1% conversion rate for customers who use StrutFit
  • 11.0% Increase in AOV of StrutFit Users
  • 34.0% Reduction in return rate of StrutFit Users
Amelia Darby
Head of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing at Bobux International
case study

StrutFit ×

  • 21.4% Conversion rate for customers who use StrutFit
  • 8.6% of sales using StrutFit
  • 8.2% Increase in average order value
Andrew Kew
eCommerce Trading Director EMEA - UGG, HOKA and TEVA

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