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How other footwear companies can have Nike’s new shoe size scanning without spending millions

May 15, 2019
Ang Nayyar

Nike is once again paving the way for the footwear industry with their new shoe sizing technology. No doubt Nike has invested years of effort and millions in resources to bring this new technology to fruition. How can other companies compete? Do they have to spend the same amount of time and resources?

StrutFit is proving that there’s an easier way for retailers. Our technology has the same underlying principles of deep learning, computer vision, and AI, but can scale and be retrofitted for all footwear retailers- without having to spend millions on development.

Sizing is the biggest problem we see for footwear eCommerce. It’s the main reason people don’t buy more online, and the biggest contributor to returns- 68% of returns are due to fit issues.

strutfit x bobux

Working closely with Bobux, an award winning children’s shoe retailer, StrutFit has refined an offering that will solve sizing for all footwear companies. With StrutFit, consumers can scan their feet using any smartphone and get their size in any particular shoe. Sam Burton, Design and Innovation Manager at Bobux, says that having StrutFit helps grow the brand’s online presence. “[For customers], it removes a lot of that uncertainty about fitting…and it’s worked really well so far, particularly with larger sizes, reducing our returns by a huge amount.” This reduction in returns will save customers a lot of headaches and save retailers millions.

Provided their solution is as good as ours, Nike can expect to see similar results to what we’re doing. A 66% reduction in returns for those that scan will have a massive impact on their bottom line. It’s clear why they’ve made the investment, and why every footwear retailer has to follow suit- or perish.

Beyond just reducing returns, the customer experience is about to be revolutionized. If you could shop with someone who can tell you your size in every shoe, or with someone where you’re just guessing- where would you shop? Consumers will vote with their feet.

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