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Our Partners

StrutFit has partnered with retailers that are committed to delivering the best experience for their customers. The impact on the bottom-line results of reducing returns and increasing sales doesn’t hurt either.

Succesful Merchant Integrations

Childrens Footwear Brand

41.1% Conversion rate of StrutFit Users
11.0% Increase in AOV of StrutFit Users
34.0% Reduction in return rate of StrutFit Users

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Womens Footwear Brand

2.5% Total revenue increase
21.4% Percentage of users who wouldn’t have purchased without StrutFit
12.7% Average order value increase on StrutFit orders

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Mens and Womens Footwear Brand

25% Conversion rate for customers who use StrutFit
14% of sales using StrutFit
9% Increase in average order value

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