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#1 Andrew Sharp, CEO of Bobux on Branding, Competition, Building a World Class Team, and Copycats

Ang Nayyar

Andrew Sharp is the CEO of Bobux. Bobux is a world leading children’s footwear brand and represents the 8th industry that Andrew has worked in. Andrew has set up a world class team at Bobux that enables it to compete with industry giants year on year, and WIN.

StrutFit has done many firsts with Bobux- so we had to have them on the first ever episode of The StrutFit Show! Please enjoy our conversation, and if you're a fan, share it with friends.


About The StrutFit Show:

The StrutFit Show shares the same vision as our company: to bring retail into the future! Every episode, we'll be joined a guest who is leading or innovating in some part of the retail spectrum- from design, to manufacturing, to marketing, and even to sales. We'll discuss trends, learnings, and ideas, and really try figure out what the top performers in your field are doing. Along the way, we'll discover some lessons you can apply to your own career, and hopefully even have some fun.  

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