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#5 Alex Genov, Head of Customer Experience Research of Zappos on Research Methods, Qualitative and Quantitative Data, and Customer Insights

Ang Nayyar

We discuss Customer Experience Research with the Head of Customer Experience Research at Zappos - Alex Genov - in this episode of The StrutFit Show. Having been acquired by Amazon for US$1.2 billion in 2009, Zappos have built their empire by putting their customers first and focusing on creating great experiences for them.

Alex comes from an Academic Psychology background with a degree in Experimental Social Psychology. He helps the organization understand their customers as people on a deeper level through a multitude of methods including interviews, surveys and usability research. Alex believes that to successfully conduct customer research, you must carry the mindset that customers are not just numbers or ‘clicks’, and understand them as actual people. He emphasizes the importance of getting insights from qualitative data and then quantifying them, rather than just looking for statistics in a pool of potential insights. This episode discusses how attainable quality customer experience research can be, whether you’re a large corporation or a small company.

If you’re intrigued by psychology based customer research, you can find more resources on this topic here.


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The StrutFit Show shares the same vision as our company: to bring retail into the future! Every episode, our CEO, Ang Nayyar will be joined a guest who is leading or innovating in some part of the retail spectrum- from design, to manufacturing, to marketing, and even to sales. We'll discuss trends, learnings, and ideas, and really try figure out what the top performers in your field are doing. Along the way, we'll discover some lessons you can apply to your own career, and hopefully even have some fun.

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