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#6: Guy Horrocks, Co-founder at Solve on Collecting Your Own Data vs Third-Party Data Collecting Services

Ang Nayyar

Our guest in this episode is Kiwi entrepreneur Guy Horrocks. He shares with us his many insights from working with brands like Sephora, HBO, Dreamworks, CNN and Expedia. If that seems impressive, Guy started the first iPhone app company in the world.

Guy is also the co-founder of a data company called Solve which came into the picture to help ecommerce companies unify their data so that they can get better insights to make smarter decisions. We discuss the different approaches to data collection, and how using third-party data collecting services may not be as convenient as once thought to be. Data is collected so that companies can use it to acquire high value customers as cheaply as possible, so we touch on how companies can do that with the data they already have.

If you’re interested in Solve and the work they do, you can check them out here.


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The StrutFit Show shares the same vision as our company: to bring retail into the future! Every episode, our CEO, Ang Nayyar will be joined by a guest who is leading or innovating in some part of the retail spectrum- from design, to manufacturing, to marketing, and even to sales. We'll discuss trends, learnings, and ideas, and really try figure out what the top performers in your field are doing. Along the way, we'll discover some lessons you can apply to your own career, and hopefully even have some fun.

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