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#9: Bryn Rees, Director of Digital Content Strategy at IKEA on Content Strategy, Structured Content, and how to put Content First

In this episode, we talk with Bryn Rees, a content engineer turned Content Strategy Leader. With almost 15 years of experience in content- you need to look no further for an industry expert.

Bryn was deep in the content space at Adidas, optimizing their content creation processes to enable the brand to succeed in the future of Omnichannel.

He is now the Direct of Digital Content Strategy at IKEA, looking after a team that takes care of content engineering and innovation across the whole business.

We discuss with Bryn what is "Content Strategy"? How is it different from marketing strategy? What does it mean to design with content first?

What are some easy wins available for retailers at both ends of the spectrum? And so much more!

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About The StrutFit Show:  

The StrutFit Show shares the same vision as our company: to bring retail into the future! Every episode, our CEO, Ang Nayyar will be joined by a  guest who is leading or innovating in some part of the retail spectrum-  from design, to manufacturing, to marketing, and even to sales. We'll discuss trends, learnings, and ideas, and really try to figure out what the top performers in your field are doing. Along the way, we'll discover some lessons you can apply to your own career, and hopefully even have some fun.  

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