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Foot Scanning

Size charts are a great tool, but they're only useful if the customer knows their measurements.

StrutFit's Foot Scanning tool measures the length and width of your customers, and relates it to that particular product.

Their measurements are now in StrutFit. They will get personalized size suggestions on each product display page, in your apps, and your stores.

For the customer it is as easy as taking a photo

Scan in under a minute

Scan with any phone anywhere

Customers can quickly work out their size by clicking the StrutFit button on your website and taking a photo of their foot next to a reference object. This is done directly on their browser and doesn’t require any app downloads.

Get personalized size recommendations

StrutFit will provide a size suggestion unique to the customer’s measurements and the particular style they’re interested in. They can also see how other sizes would fit.

Works with Any Smartphone
Remember Customer Sizes

A size for every style, exactly where you need it

StrutFit will now automatically populate with the recommended size right on the product page for thousands of shoes across our many retail partners.

Smart Size Charts

Size charts are a useful tool. Being able to deliver an accurate size chart for each specific product may be the difference between a complete and a returned sale.

StrutFit's Smart Size Charts gives you the ability to deliver this to your customers with an easy integration.

Store Assistant

Sizing is a challenge in stores too. Staff waste precious time going back and forth getting multiple sizes whilst customers are kept waiting.

StrutFit's Store Assistant allows them to scan their feet and browse all the products in your store- delivering a personalized size for each product.

Once the customer has scanned in your store, they will have personalized size suggestions already waiting for them on your websites and applications. A truly omnichannel solution.
Scan in under a minute

Easy to Use Scanning Pads

StrutFit's Scanning Pads can be placed in all of your stores to provide a truly omnichannel experience.

Customers can scan their feet on the pads using their own devices, or the store's device.

The Scanning Pads are compact enough to fit into any retail environment.

Body Scanning

Size charts are a useful tool for clothing too, but customers don't know their measurements and don't have a convenient way of getting them...

Until now.

StrutFit's Body Scanning solution gets your customers measurements and delivers a personalized size for each of your products.

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Shoe Finder

Having to choose from a hundred shoes is a daunting task. With the StrutFit Shoe Finder, you can delight your customers by delivering the perfect shoes for them.

If you sell technical footwear, the StrutFit Shoe Finder can analyze your customers' gait to determine which shoes are perfect for their running style.

This solution will be available soon. 
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Dynamic Fit Tips

Returning customers will get there normal size, unless they are told otherwise. 70% of your sales do not click into the sizing tools, so they must be informed on the product display page.

StrutFit's Dynamic Fit Tips does exactly this. Delivering fit information to your customer for each product.
Scan in under a minute

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