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Deliver personalised sizing to your customers in just a few simple steps

Let your customers find their perfect size without ever leaving your site, boosting sales and slashing returns.

For the customer it is as easy as taking a photo

Scan in under a minute

Scan with any phone anywhere

Customers can quickly work out their size by clicking the StrutFit button on your website and taking a photo of their foot next to a reference object. This is done directly on their browser and doesn’t require any app downloads.

Get personalized size recommendations

StrutFit will provide a size suggestion unique to the customer’s measurements and the particular style they’re interested in. They can also see how other sizes would fit.

Works with Any Smartphone
Remember Customer Sizes

A size for every style, exactly where you need it

StrutFit will now automatically populate with the recommended size right on the product page for thousands of shoes across our many retail partners.

Easy Integration

Size charts and products

Different brands have different sizing logic requirements. We’ve seen it all! StrutFit can extract key customer measurements and manipulate them in any way to serve back the correct personalized size for your brand and styles to the customer.

Any platform

StrutFit can be easily integrated into your website - regardless of which platform you’re on. We have integrations on platforms like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, custom websites and more.

Integrate in a day

Our integration is standardized and straightforward. We can be up and running on your website as fast as your team wants.

Personalised Size Recommendations

Key Measurements

StrutFit uses proprietary algorithms to extract the key measurements from the customers’ feet, and suggest a size based on these personal measurements.

Brands Fit Differently

StrutFit recommends sizes depending on which brand or style the customer is looking at. This is far more accurate than just getting the size they “usually get”.

Growth Room

Knowing how much room there is for a child’s foot to grow comfortably is crucial in deciding the right size. StrutFit makes this buying process easy for parents.

Extra insight for Merchants


Get size curves based on your actual customer measurements and scans.

You can do further analysis on this to enable more efficient size curve ordering and product development.

Succesful Merchant Integrations

Mens and Womens Footwear Brand

21.4% Conversion rate for customers who use StrutFit
8.6% of sales using StrutFit
8.2% Increase in average order value

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Barefoot Footwear Brand

28% Conversion rate of StrutFit Users
14.1% of sales using StrutFit
9.1% Increase in average order value

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